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Journal babbage's Journal: Mini Mac mechanism 5

So, out of curiosity, has anyone seen the guts of a Mini-mac yet ? The pictures I've seen on Apple's site -- particularly one of the motherboard and one with the cover removed -- give you some ideas -- compact motherboard, RAM on one side, skinny optical drive on top, mini-speaker in front -- but I'm curious about the hard drive: did they actually jam a full sized IDE drive in there, or is it a compact laptop model or a super-compact iPod one?

Some of the rumor sites were paying slavish attention to the deals Apple was making for bulk purchases of minature hard drives from Asian manufacturers. All of this speculation centered around the possibilities for new iPod models, but it occurs to me that at least some of those drives are probably going into the new Mac as well.

So -- has anyone had a chance to get pictures of a disassembly of a mini Mac yet ?

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Mini Mac mechanism

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  • Look here [].
  • I'm using this review [] for evidence. They also say it is a 4200 RPM drive.

    I think I have an extra external firewire enclosure around. I guess I'll need one if I want to pick up a MiniMac. (I'd be much more likely to wait for Mac Mini sales to drive down the used market and pick up a G4 cube or tower)

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