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Journal stormi's Journal: chap 5

first i'd like to say that i suck at life and i got really distracted and stressed out, and i think i actually have more than this typed and saved somewhere, but here is chap 5 (if anyone cares)


        Pix sighed and looked around her. This wasn't going at all as planned. Now that she thought about it, nothing had really been planned to begin with. She frowned and sat down on the couch, thinking. How did she make friends with people before? She'd never really been around for very long, and most peoples wishes were simple. One time she'd simply had to hand a woman a large sum of money and leave. Somehow she doubted that would work with Derek though. There was absolutely nothing about money in his wish description. She had to become his friend....
        Pix wondered why she hadn't let Xander handle this one. He knew everything about komptas and such. She'd had a few classes of math in her life but was clueless about this technology stuff.... She didn't have that much experience as a Wish altogether, either. Everything she did was simple. Actually, as soon as she had found out the list of complications she had tried to get out of this assignment. How did humans make friends? She'd asked Xander, and he said he didn't know. Xander said it was always different, and you had to get to know the person. There was no way for her to avoid this. She was the next female muse for the job, and she would go. Now, the learning part she was fine with. Pix loved to learn, and she was sure she could match Derek for intelligence if he'd only teach her. However, she was starting to doubt the validity of the book. The book said that Derek was willing to teach. Derek taught, but seemed frustrated a lot of the time. He also didn't seem to accepting of things he didn't understand... like herself.
        He wasn't a very friendly type, she thought. He'd already yelled at her several times for very unrelated incidents in her mind. She looked around the room for a clue of what to do. It was a pretty messy place full of lots of little gadgets. She'd never really seen gadgets before. She'd seen a TV. That one she recognized. And she'd seen kitchens. The computer mystified her though. She wandered into his room and stared at it in awe.
Hmm... CDs. She'd seen a CD once. They made lovely sounds. She gave a rap CD to a kid just weeks ago. Xander had said there were many kinds of CDs and music. She liked music. Unfortunately, she wasn't sure how to make the round, shiny disk play music, so she decided to just hum to herself. She frustratedly tapped her foot, looking at the computer. She really wanted to play with it.... But no, Derek had said not to touch it. With a sigh she went back out to the small kitchen. That's when she spotted the radio....


        Derek heard it before he saw it. Oldies music was being blasted from his apartment, as well as loud singing and a lot of other racket. He shuddered and carefully opened the door.
        "Heard it through the grapevine!!" Pix shouted to the music and danced around the kitchen with a mop. Two hours. He'd only left her for two hours...
        The place was completely reorganized. However, it was also spotlessly clean. The dishes were done, everything had been cleaned, and all of his dirty clothes were in a pile by the door. Pix had finally changed out of the clothes she'd come in and was wearing some of his clothes that were baggy and awkward on her.
        "Hello love!" she said cheerily. "You're back already?" she asked with a smile.
        "Er... yeah." He said, stunned. "Um... what are you doing?"
        "I got bored." She said simply.

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chap 5

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