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Journal byolinux's Journal: McDonalds and Racism 3

Have you ever seen Ghost World? In it, Steve Buscemi's character works for a fictional fast food chain called Cook's Chicken, only the restaurant was previously called Coon Chicken and their logo was a stereotyped sinister looking African American.

This prompted my memory last night, when I was talking to Dr Cousens about fast food, and how different it would be if we had our place, when I remembered my Grandmother (who sadly passed in 1997) telling me that McDonalds was owned (globally) by Ronald McDonald who was a real clown that had made it big. She also told me not to eat there because he was really a black man who tried to make himself look white to be successful. She also said his real name was Sambo. Sambo McDonald.

Naturally, by this time in my life I wasn't ready to believe such an obvious lie, but it got me thinking about how many kids grow up hearing crazy stories and urban myths and believing them as fact.

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McDonalds and Racism

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  • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
    My roomate back in college grew up believing that african americans were born with tails that got chopped off shortly after birth. I don't know when he found out the truth, but I wish I had been there when it happened :-) He was born and raised in Louisiana; I dunno if racism is bad there or not.
    • Racism is something that should be discussed if nothing else.

      Do you think racism exists any less now, or is it just not mentioned?
      • Hmm I guess I feel like it certainly isn't as socially acceptable as it used to be (at least in things like the popular media). It certainly still exists, and yeah I guess to some extent I think it is starting to be ignored. Then again since I am a white male living in a pretty tolerant state (New Mexico) I can't say a whole lot from personal experience.

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