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Journal eugene ts wong's Journal: New Year Resolution: So Lo-o-ong, Farewe-e-el 19

Well, it's been a while since I last journaled. For about 2 weeks or more, I've avoided my /my/amigos/ page by changing my bookmark. I now only read the front page. I stopped reading because I got tired of reading the religious and political stuff. I think that a lot of you have deep problems.

Anyhow, I've noticed that I'm much more stress free, I've got more time [surprise, surprise], and life just seems better.

Remember the volunteering? Well, things are going well. It turns out that I may get a paying job as a math tutor. A couple of friends [a guy and his wife] offered a job as a math tutor, when they found out that I volunteered as a math tutor. I automatically assumed that they were offering a volunteer job and pretty much accepted it right there on the spot. I was stunned that they wanted to pay. They wanted to hire friends or people they met, to help staff some kind of private education centre for foreign students. The fellow's father received a special award from Prime Minister Chretien [wrong spelling?] for his excellence in teaching. Hopefully I'll be up to standards. It's all kind of scarey.

Also, I may get a chance to teach improv acting at a place where I volunteer. I may even be paid if it works out to be a regular thing.

With all this free time, I've been focusing on starting up a business, or a non-profit. I don't know what it'll be. It might be some kind of game like The Amazing Race, but on public transit. It might be a community centre like the YMCA. It might be a promotional company. I don't know. It'll probably be in New Westminster, because of the city's changes that will be coming, and because of how central it is in the Greater Vancouver Regional District. Vancouver is nowhere near the centre of the GVRD. I'm not a business man, so it's going to be hard.

As for Christmas, I wanted to minimize the amount of gift purchases, so I bought some blank cards and drew a few simple holiday images on them [ie: candles, holy, bells] with pencil crayons. My parents and brother were impressed. I was greatly encouraged because they always seem to have "constructive criticism".

Anyhow, this is probably the last journal that you'll read from me, so if you want to remove me from your list of 200, then please feel free to do so. If you ever want to chat just do a web search of eugenetswong to find my email addresses. If we happen to cross paths again, then don't hesitate to say hello. It's only the slashdot journal group that I'm avoiding, not the individuals. I'll be sure to check for slashdot messages, so feel free to comment if you need to say something.

So lo-o-o-ong! Farewe-e-ell.

Said with sincerety, and thanks,
Eugene T.S. Wong

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New Year Resolution: So Lo-o-ong, Farewe-e-el

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  • Ow... Okay eugene... It's sad to see you leave, especially I always avoided political and religious journals.

    Since you didn't read recently, perhaps you should read this one [] before leaving.

    I wish you good luck, but hope to still have you hanging around here.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, and thanks for sharing the good news of your wedding. I'm really very happy for you.

      Who knows? Maybe I'll come back again sometime. I was deliberate in not unsubscribing from everybody's journals. I had contemplated it, and it was a tough decision. I remember how everybody felt when that happened.

      Also I wondered if not reading here was a wise decision because I knew that there was a lot of good news that I wanted to hear, but I found it too hard to seperate the wheat from the cha
  • It's always an interesting ride. It's good that you found more active, productive things to do with your time. For that, I am pleased.

    Your lack of presence has not gone unnoticed. Your leaving is a present reminder of the change and upheaval of community and society. You will be missed, but missing is part of what makes us whole.
    I wish you
    Insight when you learn,
    Wisdom when you plan,
    Humility when you succeed,
    Grace when you fail, and
    Luck when you need it.
    • I appreciate hearing from you because of who you are also because I wanted to mention another thing in my journal. I forgot to mention that offers publishing services. The cost to start is $0, and they only require a base price, so that means that the dollar risk to start is nothing, and that the rest of the money is just profit. I mention this to you because I often think about your writings. This could be an opportunity for you if you ever flesh out a story.

      Anyhow, no stress if you decide n
  • I can understand you cutting back on your activity here on the Dot. I myself have been less active, due in part to my increasing presence over at deviantART. Also, I'm planning on putting more work into my own website in 2005.

    I have come to the conclusion that this sort of change, upheaval, and migration is a natural part of being online. In the old days, it was the end of one college year and the beginning of the next one that was responsible - now it's more likely to be personal circumstances that dictat
  • I was a math tutor in college. It was one of the more fun jobs I've had.

    Good luck. See you around.

  • I was hoping you were doing ok, that's why I sent you an email about a week ago. Sorry if I offended you with my recent religious JE, but I do have my own views on it.

    Take care and I hope you have a great New Year!
    • I didn't see any religious journal entry. I'll check back to see what you wrote. If I did read what you might be thinking of, then it isn't a big deal. I think that I understand what you mean.

      Regarding email, I didn't get the email. Perhaps you could summarize here? Or maybe you could try to meet up with me on MSN Messenger at a certain time? You could try my gmail account. My username should be eugenetswong.
  • I hope the best for you. Keep in touch somehow :-)
    • I hope the best for you. Keep in touch somehow :-)

      Reading financial news from /. is like watching retards drive bumper cars, it's funny, and anything but serious. -AC
      Thanks! Maybe I'll figure out how to keep in touch. I'd hate to only journal but not read. Somehow I'll have to sort that out. Maybe I'll just skim faster.

      Also, that's an awesome sig.
  • Someone enters, someone leaves. But it's always open.

    Later dude.

  • Got an email address or a Yahoo IM id or something to share to keep in touch?

  • I hope that you'll check in from time to time. I'll keep a virtual light on in the window for yah.

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