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Journal stormi's Journal: chapter 4 in da house

chapter 4: bitchin

and life goes on......

ps: this story is all based on reality.



Derek woke up and stretched uncomfortably on the couch. In his room his alarm was going off and Pix was swearing up a storm. Eventually he rolled off the couch and tried to hurry there, just as he heard a loud crash. He bolted inside just as things were falling off his table, and he stopped Pix from smashing the alarm with a chair. He carefully took the chair from her and turned off the alarm.

"What in the hell do you call that?" she demanded.

"An alarm clock."

"Like hell an alarm clock. You listen to me, that demon box tried to kill me. I was in the middle of a dream! This is not healthy!"

"Look, calm down." He said, rubbing his eyes. She sat down abruptly on the bed and shut up. It was too early for this. He was awake again, and there was still a strange girl in his apartment. His neighbor was finally back and playing loud music in the next apartment over. He sighed and wandered into the kitchen, Pix trailing behind.

He shook his head at the mess Pix had created while making soup the previous day, and opened the fridge. "Ah, cold pizza", he thought, "here we go..."

"Don't you eat anything decent?" Pix asked.

"It's decent."

She frowned worriedly. "You're sure?"

"It's great. Vitamins, energy, food. That sort of thing." He replied, and he made his way into his room taking his pizza with him.

Pix found herself an apple and followed him into the room, watching him log onto the computer again. "What's that?" she asked about every ten seconds, already testing the patience of her Assignment. He didn't know if he could handle a second day of this. Derek grabbed some clothes and went to the bathroom. "I'm taking a shower. Stay here and don't touch anything." He said testily.

About halfway into his shower Pix let herself into the bathroom. "Now Derek, when you say don't touch anything, does that mean like everything?" she asked, and promptly peeked inside the shower curtain continuing "Like this book here, with all the pictures, can I touch it?"

At about the same time as she touched the curtain he screamed. "Jesus Christ! Pix what the hell are you doing?"

He grabbed the curtain and yanked it shut.



"Read the book."

"Are you sure ..."


When he came back to the room dressed, he looked really upset, she thought. Pix wondered what on earth could be the problem. She quietly put down the book and blinked.

"I'm going to class. Don't break anything, don't touch the computer. Feed yourself whatever you want."

"You're rather bossy." She said simply.

Derek tried to compose himself. "You're the one that showed up mysteriously in my room." He said somewhat angrily.

"You're impossible!" she said, throwing her hands up in exasperation.


"That's a problem?" she asked with a blink.

"That's a problem." He said.

"I'm sensing some negative vibes."

"You know, you might be right." He said sarcastically, and walked out the door.

"Derek don't be mad at me." She pouted. "Come on, please? I won't do that anymore if it bothers you."

"I'm leaving, Pix...." He called as he walked out the door.


He slammed the door and was gone.

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chapter 4 in da house

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