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Journal N473's Journal: fuck an a -- this is such a meme!!

x\\ spell your name backwards: nahtan
x\\ have you ever had a song written about you: Nope
x\\ what song makes you cry: "green eyes" by coldplay
x\\ what song makes you happy: "easy" by faith no more
x\\ what's your all time fav. song?: "Tea for one" by zeppelin
x\\ what do you listen to before you go to sleep: my cat purring
x\\ height: 5'7"
x\\ hair color: brown
x\\ piercings: none right now have had many
x\\ tattoos: 2 sleeves and 7 more

r i g h t _ n o w . . .
x\\ what color pants are you wearing: brown cords
x\\ what song are you listening to: "Spring cleaning" by BrightEyes (i am so emo... fucking shoot me now)
x\\ what taste is in your mouth?: tobacco.
x\\ whats the weather like?: like 48 degrees f. (very cold by El Paso standards)
x\\ how are you?: happy and still hating myself
x\\ get motion sickness?: nope
x\\ have a bad habit?: so many
x\\ get along with your parents?: yep
x\\ boyfriend/girlfriend: nope
x\\ have a current crush: a couple.
x\\ have a big regret: and shall until I die

f a v o u r i t e . . .
x\\ tv show: never watch TV
x\\ conditioner: equate brand pro vitamin
x\\ book: catcher in the rye
x\\ non alchohol drink: diet dr pepper
x\\ alchohol drink: ameretto straight up or a screw driver
x\\ things to do on the weekend: party, go on dates, cruise

h a v e _ you _ e v e r . . .
x\\ broken the law: yep
x\\ snuck out of the house: nah
x\\ ever gone skinny dipping: yep
x\\ made a prank phone call: many a time
x\\ tipped over a port-a-potty: nope
x\\ use your parents credit card: nope
x\\ skipped school: yep chronically
x\\ fell asleep in the shower/bath: yep
x\\ been in a school play: nope
x\\ had a boyfriend/girlfriend: yep a few
x\\ had children: nope
x\\ been in love: yep
x\\ have a hard time getting over someone: you have no idea
x\\ been hurt?: seriously no idea
x\\ gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days: yep (and several I knew for far less)

r a n d o m . . .
x\\ have a job: Yes
x\\ your cd player has what in it right now: soul coughing
x\\ if you were a crayon, what color would you be?: black
x\\ what makes you happy?: being touched
x\\ the next CD you're going to buy: i don't buy CDs

w h e n _ was _ t h e _ last _ t i m e . . .
x\\ you got a real letter: pshh years
x\\ got an email: right now
x\\ thing you purchased: carton of smokes
x\\ Tv program you watched: fuck too long to remember
x\\ movie you saw in the theaters: the grudge
x\\ kissed: last night
x\\ hugged: last night
x\\ song heard: right now
x\\ place you were [besides home]: work
x\\ phonecall: right now, a close friend
x\\ you were depressed: right now and always
x\\ you were in the hospital: last month (pancreatitus and enflamed liver)

w h a t _ comes _ t o _ mind . . .
x\\ car: speed
x\\ murder: death
x\\ cape: cloak
x\\ penis: fucking
x\\ cell: ameoba
x\\ shoe: licking
x\\ fun: fucking
x\\ crush: girl
x\\ music: constant background
x\\ chalk: pill

n u m b e r . . . :
x\\ of time you've been in love: 4
x\\ of girls you have kissed: so many
x\\ of boys you have kissed: a couple
x\\ of times your name has appeared in a newspaper: a couple
x\\ of scars on your body: so many
x\\ of things in your past you regret: i regret a few thing from 2004

d o _ you _ t h i n k _ you _ a r e . . . :
x\\ pretty: yep
x\\ funny: yep
x\\ hot: yep
x\\ friendly: can be
x\\ ugly: nope
x\\ loveable: yep
x\\ caring: yep
x\\ sweet: ab-so-fucking-lutely
x\\ dorky: can be

f a v o u r i t e . . . :
x\\ actor/actress: Edward Norton
x\\ least favorite day: Sunday
x\\ flower: Calla Lillie
x\\ jello flavor: cherry (better with everclear)
x\\ summer/winter: summer

p e r s o n _ who _ l a s t . . . :
x\\ slept in your bed: don't remember her name
x\\ saw you cry: my ex
x\\ sent you an email: fucking spammer

h a v e _ you _ e v e r
x\\ said i love you and meant it: yep. i do not fuck around with that word
x\\ went out in public in pjs: yep
x\\ kept a secret from everyone: yep
x\\ been to new york: yep
x\\ to california: nope

w h e n _ was :
x\\ last cigarrete: an hour ago
x\\ last cry: every night
x\\ last book read: Grimms Faerie Tales
x\\ last curse word uttered: fuck
x\\ last beverage drank: Dr Pepper
x\\ last food consumed: french toast sticks (burger king)
x\\ last phone call: 15 minutes ago
x\\ showered: 7 am
x\\ last shoes worn: cheesy brown loafers
x\\ last cd played: soul coughing
x\\ last thing written: meeting notes at work
x\\ last word spoken: chingow!
x\\ last sleep: before i woke at 7am
x\\ last im: 10 minutes ago
x\\ sexual fantasy: so many. girls: i will hurt ya, and you'll like it.
x\\ last ice cream eaten: rocky road
x\\ last time wanting to die: 2 days ago (last OD as well)

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fuck an a -- this is such a meme!!

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