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Journal lifebouy's Journal: Esperanto 2

Wow. It is truly amazing how strongly people feel about Esperanto. My last few posts got an incredible response. Some was positive, and some negative, but very extremely polarized.

I try to spread knowledge of Esperanto because I believe in the ideals, and because the more people who speak it, the more I get to use it. But I speak Esperanto because it's a fun and inexpensive hobby. The return on the time investment is very high. If everyone stopped writing things in Esperanto right now, I could read until I died and still not finish it all. But people are still writing. And generally, posting their work on the net. So, free reading material. And not just garbage- often it's the masterpieces translated from other languages, to which I'd never be exposed otherwise.
Now, I understand when someone says they aren't interested, or don't have time, or just dislike the idea. But people really get upset and offended by it! Ok, I admit, I do provoke. A little, teensy bit. But, still...

Often I hear or read, "Oh that's that made-up language." Yep, and so was Greek. Alexander the Great (supergenius that he was) made up Greek to be a common language for the lands he conquered. We are still absorbing the Greek language into English today. Simply because a language didn't "evolve" or didn't come down from the Tower of Babel doesn't negate it's validity or usefulness or appropriateness. That would be like dismissing the automobile as a means of transportation based on the fact that it didn't have a horse pulling it. Oh wait- that did happen, at first. Hmmm.

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  • Alexander the Great (supergenius that he was) made up Greek to be a common language for the lands he conquered.

    No he didn't. Where in the world did you read that? Koine Greek, the language spread by Alexander's army and the Greek settlers who followed, is essentially Attic Greek with a couple of simplifications (use of Ionic -ss- instead of -tt-, loss of the optative) which came about because the army and subsequent settlers included people from all dialect regions of Greece. The language was not consci

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