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Journal Migor's Journal: And the damage was done. 1

Migor is unpleased. His favorite possession was damaged in a parking garage in San Jose. The last time he visited Earth was 1986. He took his wallet out and bought a new Saab, and he was pleased.

It was a gift he bought for himself. One he did not tell his wife, Gigor about. It would only upset her. It was a celebration, as Migor had just foiled the work of a man named Seth. Seth had invented teleportation, at least for an Earthling. Migor really invented teleportation in 39243B.C., but he did not want the Earthlings to have the technology.

So Migor infused an insect into Seth's DNA and it ended up killing him. Migor was pleased, so he took a first class jet to San Jose and he did buy a Saab motorcar. He did enjoy the car. Then he parked it at the San Jose airport garage. He had some coffee, then he returned to his mighty spaceship.

Then today, a man who was called Jeff did take a key, and he did scratch the side of the Saab. This did not please Migor. Migor became angry. Migor did not get drunk, but instead psycho-migrated into the body of he who was named Phil F.

Migor found himself in the town that is called Bakersfield. He rented a car and it was driven north to San Jose. He found the man who was called Jeff, and he did punish him. He extracted the soul from the man who was named Jeff and returned to outer-space with it.

Once safe in his mighty spaceship, Migor did cook the soul on his George Forman grill, and served it to himself and his wife, Gigor. And it was delicious.

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And the damage was done.

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