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Journal Migor's Journal: Migor give to you... REPTAR 1

For Migor so disliked the world, he gave it his only begotten monster; REPTAR.

Migor used to have a cat, and REPTAR ate it. That is how dangerous Migor is. REPTAR was created in the zeta laboratories deep in the darkest corners of Migor's mighty spaceship.

REPTAR breaths fire. REPTAR eats children. REPTAR causes death and distraction wherever he goes.

Migor was pleased with REPTAR. But when Migor found there were no longer any creatures on the mighty spaceship for REPTAR to devour, Migor wept.

Monsters are not unlike puppies. They need wide open fields and an endless supply of little girls to devour. With a heavy heart, Migor loaded REPTAR onto Space Alpha Cosmic Pod 8, and set the auto-pilot for Earth.

When Migor was closing the pod hatch, a tear drooped from his mighty eye, and he spoke:

GO forth and devour the innocent, for they show no glory to Migor.

And now at a hundred zillion AU/hr, the space pod is flying towards Earth, and the citizens of this planet shall know peace no more.

And then Migor was banned from posting on Slashdot. Migor was not pleased. He walked to the battle bridge of his mighty attack spaceship. And under the seat he did find a bottle of tequila.

At that time he did drink of the bottle. He began to be drunk and forgetful. Migors wife, Gigor found him asleep on the battle bridge. She did chastise him for being a drunkard and a fool.

Gigor then saw the targeting computer was locked in on Slashdot. She was tempted by the flashing lights, but she knew she, being a woman had been forbidden to touch anything electrical on the mighty spaceship. Frustrated, she did smash the now empty bottle on Migor's head.

And the blood did fall from his head.

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Migor give to you... REPTAR

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