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Journal lux55's Journal: A slow and painful Slashdot death

Slashdot is successfully killing the possibility for rational discussion amongst technically-minded people to occur. Its model is a vastly inferior medium for discourse than any other the web has thus far offered, with the exception of web logs (blogs are to the intellect as shit is to digestion -- read: no vitamin content, stop opining, the equivalent of shitting in ones own mouth!).

The idea is simple: We post a story, you all give your opinion, we post the next story, you all give your opinion, etc. The turnaround time is like watching Sesame Street, and it's having debilitating effects on peoples' attention spans. It kills the ability for people to engage in anything but very short, rather one-sided, rants about a given topic (this entry, case in point). No real research or knowledge is brought to the table. No depth is ever achieved in the conversations. People all democratically agree to disagree. No opinions need be risked proven wrong.

This outlines the real practical effect of the internet itself, which is the total global domination of the idiotic democratic ideology. The result is a global dumbing-down of the population, as the dissemination of opinion by sheer volume crushes and buries any villages of actual knowledge and true information.

No wonder countries want to regulate it. Perhaps, for some of them, they're attempting to regulate the influence of today's decapitated, disease-like idea of democracy.

Anyway, I could keep ranting. I'm in a ranting mood, but I'm tired. And I've probably ranted enough for one day...

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A slow and painful Slashdot death

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