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Journal Himring's Journal: My political views

I voted for Bush only because I knew Nader didn't have a chance. I am most impressed with the zealot underdogs such as Nader, libertines, etc. My basic assumption (having spent 10 years in the university system studying liberal arts and history) is that socialism is a failure. The new oligarchy is a failure too (corporatism -- as Nader tries to combat). The two prime evils -- representing socialism on the one hand and corporatism on the other -- is taxation and labor abuse (the workin' man and his struggles). Both have to be dealt with. Of the two I see taxation as the greatest evil. It is #2 on Gibbon's reason for the fall of Rome. Taxes do not work (it is the middle class who eventually suffers from taxation, not the rich). "Name a country that has taxed itself to prosperity." You cannot. Abusing labor doesn't work either, but is more easily dealt with IMO (lots to be said here, but I digress). All of this being said, there have been tangible results to a Bush administration and that is less taxes (yes, there are many negatives too, but they are out-weighed IMO). I know, cuz I paid less taxes now. From my experience and time (I'm highly political around the year and not just during elections -- I am 36 years old and have been voting since I legally could), the democratic party both raises taxes and bows to corporatism whereas the republican party only does the former (Bush Sr.'s tax hike not-withstanding; also, note the accomplishments of Reaganomics which rejuvinated the economy while at the same time workers died from lack of proper government regulations at factories -- a tragedy and testimony to corporatism, but highlights the balance needed). In any event, it is a mixed issue for me, and had Kerry won I would not have been upset, but I feel both corporatism and socialism would have thrived during his administration. My decision to vote as I did was not 100% ... not even close. I will say this: such pejorative remarks as you make does nothing but help what you hate. I sat through an entire interview of Bill Press on his new book and was fascinated by points he made. I was darn near ready to buy the book and read it ("10 Reasons Bush Must Go" or whathaveyou), when at the end of the interview he stated that only idiots vote republican. With that comment, I had no desire to learn anything else he had to say. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar, as they say. In any event, there is no substance to your 4 types that vote for Bush. Believe it or not, thoughtful people vote for each candidate. I do not hate anyone who voted for Kerry. As a matter of fact, I respect them. Learn from Voltaire who said, "I disagree with what you say, but I would fight to the death your right to say it...." Also, attack an idea, grapple with it, struggle with it, force it into submission, but do not attack the person holding that idea. Only a socialist or an oligarchist would do that, and I'm sure you wish to be neither. Always remember the axiom of Socrates and his student Plato: "The unexamined life is not worth living...." Be the gadfly. Don't be the one who kills it (the death of Socrates)....
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My political views

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