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Journal budgenator's Journal: Metamods on crack! Comments invited! 1

In a story about a ground based telescope, have 10X the resolution of the hubble space telescope,
jrockway (229604) posted Meh. We spent $80 billion to go kill people (erm, I mean get oil. oh I mean liberate the people! that's it!) in Iraq... what's $10 billion to help people understand the Universe?
which was moderated
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    20% Overrated
    10% Flamebait
which I moderated as Troll and was voted Unfair. Why a troll? Because he posted a purely politicaly slam against the US in a scientific thread. In the future, I'm going to only mod one comment in each thread so that if I'm voted unfair in metamod, I can reply to the unmoderated post. I've been getting mod points twice a week sometimes so obviously I've got karma to burn. Might be interesting to see how many unfairs get moded to +3 insightful.

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Metamods on crack! Comments invited!

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  • should have modded him "flamebait". "Troll" is an extremely strong label that implies that someone is intentionally trying to stir up trouble. In the case you presented, the poster was simply venting his emotions with a complete disregard for the consequences of his actions.

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