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Journal ceejayoz's Journal: Bushies Voter Intimidation / Vandalism / etc. 6

bmetzler and others (on Slashdot and elsewhere) like to link to examples of vandalism / violence towards Bush supporters and headquarters, and claim that it doesn't happen on both sides (or, better yet, that it's condoned and supported by the Democrats).

Well, here's a nice list of counter examples.

Vandals hit a Fair Oaks Democratic Party campaign office late Tuesday or early Wednesday, spraying racist and political graffiti on the exterior.

Campaign workers came to work Wednesday morning to discover their Sunrise Boulevard office defaced with spraypainted swastikas, the word "Bush," and a variety of other slogans. There was also a small caliber bullet hole in the office door window.


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Bushies Voter Intimidation / Vandalism / etc.

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  • That's just more liberal, tree-hugger, latte-sippin' propaganda! IT'S SOOOOOOOOO obvious that Hippie Kerry supporters - only out to save their own Welfare checks and free cheese - broke their own locks and their own windows and spray painted the walls with evil slogans and looted the office - all in an effort to slander the perfect image of the Archangel... er, I mean President Bush.

    Damn smelly Hippies!

    Yes, that was me channeling Brent. ;)
  • "Brent" (if that is his real name) is an grade-A, first-rate asshole. Plain-and-simple. Nothing he writes is worth the slightest consideration. At best, he needs therapy for sociopathic tendencies. At worst...

    And everyone knows this. Even people who agree with his (twisted) political views hesitate to do so publically, for fear of being associated with his vile filth.

    I mean, just look at him []. Sickening.
    • I know, I know. You post evidence contrary to his beliefs and it's "omg liberal media" or some semantic quibble. :-/

      Still, makes me feel better to have this around.

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