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Journal o1d5ch001's Journal: Industrial Method will accelerate the rebalancing of nature 3

The Industrial Method has allowed us to cheat as it were, nature. We have created drugs, central heating, leisure time that allows our bodies to rest. This in turn has extended our lifetime and set the expectation that we will live relatively long lives and someone dying before they are at least sixty is considered premature.

Here is the rub. The abuse of these systems, like antibiotics has allowed the natural world to take back the advantage that we once had, and the advantage that allows us to expand far and wide over the earth. Consuming vast amounts of resources for profit.

For millions of years, humans lived in small groups of a few families. In the last three thousand years we have developed enough know-how to build cities, Industrial Farming, utilize chemicals to control insects and bacteria. But this could come crashing down very qucickly.

Should we do something about this? Can we?
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Industrial Method will accelerate the rebalancing of nature

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  • Asking that question is really a luxury of living in a rich, first-world nation. Few countries, relatively speaking, can even afford, literally, to think about such things. Assuming we could do something about it, it would cost huge sumes of money to do, and you'll pardon, but Chad and Bangledesh just don't have the money to even contemplate caring about solutions to such problems.

    And even if they did, there are other problems that need to be overcome, most notably religion. Religions that view the envi
    • It is either my writting or peoples nurtured (programmed) responses to 'environmental' issues that causes people to miss my point lately. What I am asking for is a new discussion, apart from the dramtics of the environmentalist movement. I am not a environmentalist, nor would I apply any of the conventional political lables apply to my point of view.

      I started thinking seriously about the effects of human habitation and if it was sustainable. This is my starting point. I started working backwards from the

      • The thing of it is that industralization has nothing to do with it. Ancient Mesopotamian civiliazations died off due to pollution, salinization and other such problems despite their being primarily agrarian societies.

        Industralization merely exaggerates these problems, but is not the sole, or even primary, cause of them.

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