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Journal Trolling4Dollars's Journal: I am going to be moving to another Slashdot ID 19

Many of my friends/fans will notice a new person popping up as a fan in the next few days. I'll also start posting in your JEs. So hopefully you'll recognize the snetiments and style. This account will probably be used strictly for toying with the retarded Scott Lockwood trollbots and finally go dormant for a while. Maybe I'll pop up again like Twirlip of the Mists! ;P It's been fun folks. See you on the other side.

To the trollbots. Get a sense of style guys. Even I can troll better than you can and I'M NOT A TROLL!

A challenge: Anyone care to try and analyze my posts content and see if they can track me down? I will give you a few clues. I have five accounts on Slashdot. You'd be surprised at one of them if you have any familiarity with my T4D posts. ;P Finally... *time is of the essence* Let's see if the trollbot slashtards can figure any of this out.

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I am going to be moving to another Slashdot ID

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  • im a drunken idiot, but i like reading your journal entries. please use my email to let me know your new id
  • In your previous journal entries you made references to other je's in your journal. I tried to view them but they returned nothing. Are you blocking me from seeing them? Can others see my posts in your journal? Is this a setting I have to change? If you could englighten me please?

    By the way. I am a christian and don't mean to infuriate you or anything but the teaching is that Jesus Christ is way and the only way because he is the child of GOD who created the universe and who died for everyones sins etc....

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