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Journal Trolling4Dollars's Journal: Which is the "worse" vice? Sex or drugs? 24

Before anyone jumps to any conclusions about this being a right vs. left thing, I'll say that it's not. I'm specifically asking about personal opinion. If you want to bring up BJs in the oval office vs. coke snorting political marionettes, that's your own look out. The other thing I'll say is that there seems to be a lot of difficulty discussing anything related to sex on /. I haven't figured out why, since contrary to popular belief, many of us "geeks" get some on a regular basis. But it does seem that "geeks" have a problem with actually openly discussing sexuality with people they don't know closely. Odd.

My personal feeling is that drugs are a worse vice than sex because of the damage they do to the most important part of your body: the brain. Sure, you COULD get an STD (possibly life threatening) from casual sex, but if your brain is in good working order, there are plenty of ways to prevent that. I've had a good number of sex partners and was smart enough to know how to avoid STDs, so I know it can be done. On the other hand, every person I know who has fallen victim to drug use has either had a tragic end to their lives, or is miserable now. I've had drug using friends go to jail for committing crimes that were the result of impaired judgement. I've had friends who are currently struggling to get out of poverty but are finding it difficult because they never made it through college due to their drug habits. Being in their mid 30s and having police records doesn't help either. The friends who indulged in very extreme sexual behavior have come out of it just fine. No STDs. No criminal record. And in every case, just a normal life (at worst) where they are now married and have some kids. However, here is the most telling fact in my opinion: the sex focused people can still indulge in their "vice" with no negative impact on their lives whereas the drug focused people seem to fall lower and lower the more they indulge. The only solution for the drug focused people is to completely stop using (a few of my friends fall into this category) otherwise they continue to decline.

What do you think?

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Which is the "worse" vice? Sex or drugs?

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  • You have raised a very interesting question. (Have you thought about submitting it as an Ask Slashdot story, or as a Slashdot poll? I think you should try.) Tough question. But I think I personally prefer sex. Yes, definitely. Of course it all depends on which exactly drugs are we talking about and what kind of sex, but I generally prefer sex, even though I must admit that there are some kinds of drugs which I like more than some kinds of sex. Actually, there are some kinds of sex which I don't like at all,
    • I agree. My understanding from the limited, folk epidemiology that I have been exposed to is as follows.

      First, you must specify what you mean by "worse" -- which is why you put it in quotes. Suppose you were to use to common measure of infant mortality to decide. Sex increases the infant mortality rate, but not the infant mortality ratio, which all other things being equal it decreases. Some drugs increase the infant mortality rate, and some drugs decrease the rate, and do not always have the correspo

  • Since when is sex a vice? (guess I'm doing it wrong, then)
    • In reponse to everyone so far... I'm going on the general discussion among most Americans when sex or drugs are brought up as issues that can be used to smear the character of an individual. Again, I am not refering to politicians, just regular people. There seem to be a lot of people who see sex as a vice unless it's used strictly for procreation instead of recreation. Drugs, used for recreation are also viewed as a vice, but I think this is more legitimate as I am not someone who uses drugs in that way
  • I think both are wrong (well sex outside of marrage is wrong IMO, inside it is good) But Drugs will kill you faster. Sex will not kill you, unless you count STD, then those mosly will be slow if they do kill you.
  • I object to the question. It assumes facts not in evidence. In order for something to be 'worse', it must be 'bad'. Counsel has not shown either to be bad.
    • Grrr... Grumble... Grumble... Semantics.

      OK. Since there is no such thing as black and white make the following assumptions :P (the_mad_poster was right. If everything I say is broken down into bite size chunks for the brain, I'll never get anything done) :

      Recreational Drug use: Good? Bad?
      Recreational Sex: Good? Bad?

      Comparison between the two based on the above? My take: Sex is better than Drugs for recreation as it is not as potentially damaging to the most important part of the body: the brain
      • I agree with your conclusions based on your clarification of the question. But I say that neither is inherently bad, but both can be misused.
      • I think you're doing a whitewash by using this stupid term "drugs", I mean, what does that mean? Paracetemol is a drug. Ibuprofen is a drug. Ethanol is a drug. Tell me what you mean by "drugs".

        And for that matter, what do you mean by brain damage?

        Salvinorin A is a chemical which produces exceptional experiences. But there are no recorded cases of brain damage or long-term affects (other than the positive effect of a cure for depression - is this damage?).

        Cannabis has been accused of bringing on psychotic
    • Yes. I think far more empirical evidence must be amassed before further disputation.

      Do we have any volunteers?



  • is all my brain and body need
  • neither of these need be a vice. If practiced improperly, either can be fatal. So it's hard to tell which is worse. But I'd have to come down on the side of sex being more fun, so in that sense, I guess drugs are worse in that they are not better. As Hunter Thompson showed in his book by that name, nothing is better than sex, not even politics.
  • about sex online because my wife wouldn't want me too, and it doesn't really matter for the most part. It's kind of personal for me, so I don't talk about it. I've not talked a lot about my drug use either, mostly because it was a long, long time ago.
  • You're being close-minded could EASILY be both.

    Seriously, I stick to my libertarian guns--as long as your vices stay out of my area (And, well, everyone elses), they're cool.

    Keep it at home. =)

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