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Journal Trolling4Dollars's Journal: OK This Freaks Me Out 17

There is a tendency for human beings to assume that everyone else is just like them. It's kind of hard to NOT do that, but eventually we all are able to accept that people CAN be different to varying degrees of success. With that out of the way...

Are there not more geeks who got their start as electronic musicians on Slashdot? I've posted a few JEs and comments over the years and in my various accounts that are related to electronic music. But, I usually get very few responses. Part of me feels like this can't possibly be right as electronic music and technology are virtually married. Hell... that's how I first learned hexadecimal. My old Ensoniq Mirage sampler required that you could count from 0-256 in hex if you really wanted to get anywhere with it. Understanding the signal flow of audio and the routing in a MIDI network translates pretty readily to ethernet networking equipment. Using a computer to make music basically gets you about 75% of the way to being able to be a good network admin at the very least.

Am I wrong in assuming that there must be more geeks here who got into IT via electronic music? Am I falling into that old trap of human nature of assuming that everyone else is like me? I can't be THAT unusual!!!

On another topic: How many of you who are being pretty vocal about voting for Bush actually plan to vote for Kerry secretively? I've talked to a few close friends who have been republicans for a long time, but they aren't happy with Bush. They've told me that they are planning to vote for Kerry but they have Bush signs and stickers on their cars and in their front yards because they need to keep up the appearance. I found this very facinating because it doesn't make much sense. But it leads me to wonder are there more than just the handful of friends I have who feel the same way?

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OK This Freaks Me Out

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  • Am I wrong in assuming that there must be more geeks here who got into IT via electronic music?

    No. None of us did. You are completely bizarre, unnatural even, and the men with the nice long-armed white jackets will be there any moment now to take you to your nice soft cushy room. Do not adjust the horizontal. Slippery when wet. Some restrictions may apply, contact your doctor for details. I approved this message.


    Dr. Sigmund Unraed

  • I can't be THAT unusual!!!

    Yer a freak of nature dude! Then again we all are I suppose. I was totally turned off of music by a grade school music teacher (Mrs. Hill wherever you are, you sucked as a teacher), but in spite of her I have started to pursue music later in life (bamboo flute, crap like that). I can pick out a tune but thats about it. I have no ambitions beyond being able to play a little bit, not compose or record. I have thought about getting a keyboard with a midi interface, but currently I h

  • I started taking piano lessons in high school because I wanted to play music like I listened to: New Order, OMD, Depeche, etc. The only difference is that I didn't have the money for a synth, so I just learned how to play the piano. I took an electronic music class in college, but didn't actually play the samplers and such much, because I didn't get how they worked. By the time I really got into computers, I still didn't have enough money to get a synth or whatever, so I just stuck with computers. Now that
    • Sounds similar to me in terms of the influences. Depeche Mode were my ultimate heroes. :) It took me quite a lot of paper route money to get my sampler nd a few more years to get the Atari 520ST tiwh SMPTETrack Gold sequencing software. But it kind of started lifetime of music and computers. My digestive issues didn't seem to change my computer skills much. At least not yet. :)
      • I lived in the mountains. No paper route. :)

        And I meant people focusing on their computer skills because of digestive issues because computer jobs typically mean that they're in a building where they are close to a bathroom. At least, that's what I think I mean. :)

  • I know that two out of the three ardent 2000 supporters who have kids at my daughter's daycare have decided to abstain. They can't bring themselves vote for Kerry because they're deeply religious in the a-zygote-is-a-person sense, and thus hung up on the abortion issue.
  • Its just that I don't get much time to create more music these days, so I don't talk about it alot. FWIW, I use the Buzz software synth [web.hibo.no] (windows freeware) these days. The only example of my music available online is a rather old piece [garageband.com] that shows how much I was influenced by video game and demoscene music.

    I have a Roland D110 at home that I don't use right now, I'm holding off on MIDI until I can get a velocity sensitive controller with enough keys to do a simple left hand rhythmn, right hand lead thing.

  • I like to listen to (some) electronic music but really like hardware hacking my equipment. One of my projects was to build a pre-amp for my guitar. I messed it up by not adding the right resistance but it ended up sounding pretty cool in a spacy overdrive way.

    I don't get too much in sequencing though because in my experiences with playing the most enjoyable times are when you are jamming with someone else and suddenly somthing clicks and you are in the groove. It's a feeling that's hard to describe but yo
    • Designing and building your own gear is a lot of fun. Something I haven't done in a few years now... I built a 16x2 mixer out of TL082 (or was it TL802?) op amps. I still have it but no longer really use it. Also made a midi thru box with hex inverters so that I could have my Atari feed eight MIDI devices without needing to daisy chain. It made a BIG difference on the latency. That was my first and pretty much last digital IC project. As far as modifications, I think the coolest and silliest one I ev
      • My dad got me started in electronics when I was a kid. When I was about six I he gave me a breadboard and assortment of parts. I had an ac adapter that I plugged into the wall for power. My first thing was just making a LED flash on a timer. My mom wasn't really aware of what I was doing untill she walked by. I yelled- look mom! and in the dimmed light all she saw was me playing with the outlet and making a glowing red light. She freaked.

        Ah, good times.
  • Speed of Life.


A consultant is a person who borrows your watch, tells you what time it is, pockets the watch, and sends you a bill for it.