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Journal MikeBabcock's Journal: Friends of friends, etc. 2

This is a short sequel to my previous journal entry. I quite enjoyed this message by Khasim (1285) recently but chuckled a little at the icons he has for me:

  • Friend
  • Friend of a Friend
  • Foe of a Friend

It seems at least one of my 'friends' doesn't like this user, one does and I do. The irony is that the one person who doesn't is someone I only added to my list so as to see their sometimes intelligent views on things, although I usually disagree with their vantage point.

The message is #10486464 if you care.

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Friends of friends, etc.

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  • ...what I did to be one of your foes. Not that I'm in any way offended, but I am at least curious.
    • Foes on my list are usually simply people that posted something so completely off the wall or offensive to me that I really didn't feel like having to respond to them or read their thoughts again.

      I'm not sure what it was in your case.

      That said, I periodically read through recent comments under my foes list and change them back to neutral if it seems like a one-off situation.

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