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Journal lucabrasi999's Journal: Why are two good movies always shown at the same time? 3

This question will probably never be answered. We could have 700 channels of television, and for 364 nights out of the year, all 700 stations would show crap. Then, for one night in the year, you'll find that two GREAT movies are being shown at the same time by different stations.

Tonight? The Godfather and Field of Dreams. Yeah, I know, we have all seen the movies a hundred times. But they are so good, that I could watch them a hundred times more.

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Why are two good movies always shown at the same time?

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  • Go get a Tivo.

    I like the directv tivo, 2 tuners and I love the idea of the dish signal going straight into the tuner card with no analog inbetween. $99 with contract, (you can already be a subscriber) and $5 a month (no lifetime on directv version) its a whole lot better then having the premium movie channels.

    It changes the whole concept of what a tv series is. It actually makes a movie out of tv shows. Once you find some shows you like you can garantee you will never miss an episode, breeze through comme
    • I do have a Tivo with Dual inputs. Unfortunately, I am laying in a hotel room bed, 300 miles away from my Tivo. At least the hotel has free wireless.

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