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Journal Judg3's Journal: Building a battery backup system - any ideas? 2

All of these in one backpack:

  • An iPaq
  • Dual PC-card sleeve for ipaq, GPS Unit & Orinoco wifi card w/ external antenna
  • An iPod
  • RIM Blackberry phone

Now, my problem - keeping all of these devices properly charged at all times.
Well, really, thats not the big problem, everything but the ipaq is good for at least 12 hours - but since I plan on embedding these devices into the backpack, I'd like to find a simple sleek solution for plugging them all in with a simple cable outside the backpack.

As an added bonus, I'd like to rig up some sort of UPS which would keep the batteries charged for a bit after I pull it off the grid.

Anyone have any ideas on a good way to do this? I've been knocking around a few ideas, but nothing has given me the big "AH HA!" that I'm looking for.

ALSO - is it possible to connect several iPaq batteries in parallel? That might do the trick, but I wonder if the ipaq would know about the extra power. Damn, I wish I knew more about electricity.

It's a good thing that along with this ipaq 4155 I was given an older 3xxx series (Mainly, because the 4155 doesn't have a sleeve for PCMCIA, and it's internal wifi chipset doesn't work with ministumbler)

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Building a battery backup system - any ideas?

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