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Journal raider_red's Journal: The Joint Press Conference by Pres. Bush and Sen. Kerry

I had a decidedly 21st century experience watching last night's debate. I spent the entire debate with a notebook computer in my lap, IMing over Yahoo Instant Messenger with a friend in Fort Worth. We had a running commentary going for the entire thing.

As to the debate itself, I felt it was a draw. Nothing particularly new was said. Kerry led a little bit on style, but he also seemed a bit stiff. The President did fairly well. He spent the entire time leaning against the podium, but was animated, and articulated fairly well. I felt he did an adequate job defending his policies in Iraq, but he fumbled a bit on North Korea. It was obvious that they didn't cover that enough during the debate prep.

Senator Kerry made good points on the Non Proliferation issue, but I felt that there was no substance to what he was saying. He had good ideas, but I don't think he really has a plan to put them into action.

Overall, I don't think either will get a substantive boost from this.

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The Joint Press Conference by Pres. Bush and Sen. Kerry

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