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Journal KevMar's Journal: solid rock gymnastics

About Solid Rock Gymnastics Classes in Lincoln Ne
"Quality Gymnastics in a Positive Environment"
The Solid Rock Gymnastics Coaching Philosophy believes in attaining a balance of four components.

Our coaches focus on SAFETY. Our instructors are required to become safety certified by USA Gymnastics. We employ the safest training tools available and strive to use proper skill progression and development to ensure skill readiness.

Our classes are FUN. We believe children should enjoy class and always go home with a smile. We believe in promoting a positive, healthy lifestyle.

Our coaches are POSITIVE. Our coaching staff believes in positive reinforcement. We strive to praise and encourage our participants and reward their effort. Each gymnast is treated with respect and we do not believe in yelling at or intentionally demeaning a student. We strive to be positive role models and we use incentive type programs to encourage participation and progression. All of our instructors were gymnasts themselves and have excellent knowledge of the sport, but best of all, our instructors love kids.

Our classes are PRODUCTIVE. We believe it is important to be able to see progress at all skill levels, in all classes. In addition to being fun, our classes are designed to help gymnasts reach their full potential. Each level focuses on teaching proper basic skills and progressions that lead to the next level. This is why we take great care to see that each class fits the age and skill level of the participants.

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solid rock gymnastics

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