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Journal TPFH's Journal: The Boondocks on Illegal Downloading (& Personal stuff) 2

Aarron McGruder can be funny with the less serious issues as well as the overwhelming political issues of our times.

Blogging. Personal Stuff.

I need to be getting more excercise. Yes, I bicycle a lot. That's not enough. I've been thinking of getting back into running. I haven't been into running since I was a teenager. When I was in college I walked everywhere. I also went out to concerts a lot, and danced, mostly skankin' and slam dancing. I realized how out of shape I am when I saw Skinny Puppy earlier in the summer. OK, I realized that I was out of shape years ago at a NoMeansNo concert.

I'm thinking if Sol can be running, I certainly can. Maybe it would give me a reason to get up in the morning. I ought to get started soon while the weather is still nice before we return to normal Oregon weather.

I'm not getting much done. I'm sleeping too much and I'm feeling crappy. At least I'm eating healthy.

I really need to get a job so I have a real reason to get up in the morning. I really like dreaming, and without something concrete to do, I have trouble resisting the temptation to just go back to sleep and dream some more. This isn't healthy and I'm heading into depression.

I need to get my referances together, and apply for the jobs that I've got good referals for. I had a lot of savings but it won't last me too much longer.

I also ought to be programming again with all the spare time I got. Maybe I should do what Sam's been doing and do JEs on the code I write. (Don't worry, I'm not going to be reporting the details of my bodily functions :)

I'm also thinking I should quit slashdot for a while, or at least restrict my slashdot time heavily, or contingient on my doing constructive activities.

I do have lots of writing I'd like to do. Maybe I'll just write JEs and read the responses.

I need to get a move on with my life.

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The Boondocks on Illegal Downloading (& Personal stuff)

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  • cool, we can be beginners together.

    Exercise has been shown as effective as prozac at battling depression.

    I'm just sayin', is all.

    Run three blocks and you've matched my score.

  • But code, that'd be good. Sounds like you've got a plan, now you just need to work that plan. :) And I love Boondocks. I heard they're gonna make it into an animated show - I forget what network. Cartoon?

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