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Journal TPFH's Journal: McDonalds Chicken Selects [tm] 1

Is anyone else out there sick of the McDonalds Chicken Selects commercials yet?
Anyone sick of them after seeing the first one?

Maybe I watch too much TV.
There is a guy who is acting paranoid that his chicken selects are going to be taken away from him. The first commercial he is in an office. The second commercial he is home alone playing an electric guitar into a headset and pretending to be a rock star who must protect his chicken selects.

You know what I would like to see?

Someone punch him in the face, (are shoots him but I don't want to offend people who read my journal) and then takes his precious chicken selects and puts them in the garbage where they belong.

Aparently they are processed meat. Chicken McNugets in the shape of a chicken strip.

Well, actually I don't know. I just use google to check my spelling and that's what came up when I put in McDonals Chicken Selects.

I haven't eaten McDonalds "food" in 15 years now so I'm not going to bother to find out myself.

This concludes the psychotic rant that will get me sued by a big corporation for this evening. Stay tuned for useless news. Blah!

OK, I'm going out to a concert now.
I plan to dance and have fun etc.
Good night! :)

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McDonalds Chicken Selects [tm]

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  • when they were called "Dippers", which was I think either one or two years ago. I remember the one commercial with the lady by herself doing karate (or whatever) moves. I noticed that during the commercials where they used to say "dippers", they have edited the commercials to show some movement where you can't see their face and they've inserted audio of "chicken selects".

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