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Journal o1d5ch001's Journal: The oil order and environmental destruction

Being born just before the 70's I have been brought up being educated in the ways of energy conservation. Turn off light when not in use, don't flush the toilet too ofen, turn the thermostat down to something that would freeze the turnups off a brass monkey. So, I have spent most of my adult life trying to assess alternatives in energy prosuction and alternative choices of transportation, creating heat etc. In most cases I have never seen a system that could be a substitute for oil. How could this be? And why are we detestroying so much of the worlds environment? Are these two questions related? I think so.

My conclution is that oil is the bases of all modern life since the begining of the 20th century. If we were to say that the medium is the message, we might see that the use of oil releases two things: great amounts of stored energy, and great amounts of poison by-products. Its a pretty nice tool when you need to get alot of work done, and it allows a few workers to get alot of work done in short amount of time, as a matter of fact, you get overproduction. You need a large consumer base to ensure that you have enought consumers for your product.

Back to the earth hippies seem to have one solution. We all start living closer to the land and living like people did on 1860. That kinda screws up the consuner base. And it also decreases the demand for oil which must concern those interests who control much of the means of production. Can you roll back the clock? Not usually. Organizations like greenpeace help the people who control oil. They are a distraction from the real issue of the oil economy and what it is doing to the planet and to our childen.

Speaking of means of production, I just want to say that Marx was a dolt. A possible a rube. It is my firm belief that 19th century capitalism and 20th century socilism/communism are two sides of the same coin. Or I should say to ends of the oil barrel. They are both based on utopian ideals. Both reaching for that more perfect human-god city on a hill.

So if anyone has some ideas on how we extract ourselves from the oil economy, I would love to hear it.
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The oil order and environmental destruction

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