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Journal realdpk's Journal: Free*.com, gmail invites 1

If you're wondering why you may have ended up on my foes list, it is probably because of obnoxiously placed Freeipod or freeflatscreen or whatever dot com links, or an offer announcing the availability of gmail invites. (i.e.: not in your signature, the viewing of which can be disabled in preferences)

Both have arisen to the level of spam.

Anyone remember AllAdvantage? Ugh.


I've decided to expand the foe listings to include those that have free*.com links in their signatures.

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Free*.com, gmail invites

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  • I really want to find out if a single one of these sucker slashdotters have received their free iPod yet. I tried to ask a few, and boy did it piss them off. I'm amazed that so many people got caught up in this.

The cost of living hasn't affected its popularity.