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Journal CyberKnet's Journal: Port; Be Proud.

I really need to get working on my website. Of course, practically anyone who has ever visited my website knows this. It has been for the past 3 years, the most stunningly unfinished project known to man.

I have realized my demon though. Like a lot of programmers, I get things "working enough" to show results. Then I get bored. Code to input is much less visibly rewarding than code to display. There is all that input validation, bounds checking and 10,000 other fantastically boring tasks you have to do. It's mind boggling. So my website was working to display the data in the database, but you couldn't actually use it to display more.

That's a problem.

I realized that keeping too many different programming languages in mind current up to speed was very draining on me. There are some I dont have a choice in right now. I program VB and VB.NET at work for a living, I have to remember those. But C, PHP, Perl, x86 ASM ... those call all take a back seat if I wish. With that in mind, it is with slight remorse that I decided to no longer write or maintain CyberKnet.NET in PHP. This here marks the beginning of the third iteration of the dynamic content rendering engine, to be written in ASP.NET.

It is important to realize this is not any reflection is PHP, just my own limitations as a programmer. I do not have the time to keep current on the syntax needs for so many different languages at once... and my website is the only place I use PHP. It just makes more sense to write it in something that I am using every day.

I will still be targeting Mozilla and Firefox as well as MSIE 6.. I haven't completely sold out. If possible, I would also like to retain HTML 4.01 Strict compatibility, but as yet I have no idea if this is even possible under ASP.NET v1.1.

The appropriate quote at this point in time seems to be by Ovidus, and has been my current sig for many months, ironically:
Video meliora proboque deteriora sequor
Roughly translated from latin:
I see and advocate the better path, but follow the worse.

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Port; Be Proud.

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