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Journal Westech's Journal: Zoo Attempts to Woo Microsoft With Penguin Statue 1

A three-foot penguin dressed as Bill Gates is on its way to Redmond in an effort to woo a panel of judges to select the Tulsa Zoo as America's favorite zoo. The zoo has been selected as a nominee in the Microsoft-sponsored Zoo Tycoon 2 - America's Favorite Zoo contest.

Penguin statues are a common site around Tulsa. The Tulsa Zoo has a tradition of raising funds by selling the statues to local businesses. The businesses then customize the statues and place them outside their stores. Apparently no one at the zoo realized the irony in trying to impress Microsoft by dressing a penguin up as Bill Gates.
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Zoo Attempts to Woo Microsoft With Penguin Statue

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  • What a way to fudge their chances at the prize, eh?

    Sometimes we Okies can be pretty dense, but I guess I shouldn't expect the Tulsa Zoo to be hip to the Linux mascot and its potential negative connotations with B. Gates.

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