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The Courts

Journal hhawk's Journal: Boies and his topics

This is a post about Mr. Boies Esq. First things first. He is a better lawyer then I am; I'm NOT a lawyer. He is supposed to be high priced and excellent. I think only the high priced part is true. I want to consider two cases.

1) the Gore vs. Bush Fla election results
2) SCO legal suit

In the Gore vs. Bush issue, I think Boies clearly mis-stepped. He allowed his client to fight the certification of the election. The alternative would have been to allow it to be certified and the to contest the election itself. This would have allowed FLA to enter the "safe harbor" preventing Congress from interfering in their "results." It also would let them focus on the main point. From what I read in the Supreme Court decision they would have had a good case in contesting the election itself.

In the SCO case it seems that he didn't really look into the technical merits of his clients case. Of course the court is still yet to make all of its final rulings, but at least today, that is the way the wind is blowing. In the SCO case it seems to me SCO would have been better off first suing NOVEL for the copyrights and if they won that, then perhaps taking on some of these other cases.

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Boies and his topics

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