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Journal TheMysteriousFuture's Journal: From the Future:Deleting E-mail Could Get You In Trouble 1

Posted by timothy in The Mysterious Future!
from the not-yet-mandatory-for-your-own-email dept.
Sterling D. Allan writes "A story in the Deseret News cautions governments and corporations from deleting legitimate email. Expensive measures are being called into place to archive the mail for future subpoena purposes. Think Enron on one hand. Think Monicagate on the other. Next they'll ask us to keep recordings of all our phone conversations? Big brother gets bigger -- with good reasons, as always. What about all those business propositions I get from Nigeria. Do I have to keep those too? "Get rich from home" (to pay for the purchase of a new hard drive to contain all your spam). One man's junk is another man's treasure. You never know what an IRS agent might find lucky."

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From the Future:Deleting E-mail Could Get You In Trouble

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  • > From the future will return in 4 days.

    Sweet, now all I have to do is being reading Slashdot at the same time as you! Woohoo!

    Thanks again man, this is fun.

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