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Journal Austrian Anarchy's Journal: Knox MPC brings Walmart to Sorority Village Food Desert 3

In my ongoing examination of what KnoxFood.Org (part of our Metropolitan Planning Commission) is calling "food deserts" (basically, whatever the USDA says they are), I discovered a new one. The new sorority village at the University of Tennessee is labeled on of Knox County's 20 food deserts, and they just got Walmart and Publix stores to relieve the suffering. Before they built the sorority dorms, this tract was home to student dorms and fraternity houses.

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Knox MPC brings Walmart to Sorority Village Food Desert

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  • Correction (and corrected in article), there were people living in this census tract before the sorority houses were built. It is home to the long standing fraternity houses, as well as several university owned dormitories.

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