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Journal Austrian Anarchy's Journal: My Metro Planning Commission is nothing but a propaganda machine

I've been finding some odd info in the "food desert" maps of my community. Like a wide variety of grocery stores within the borders of the so-called food deserts. Now I discovered the Knoxville Metropolitan Planning Commission is on board with the corporate propaganda (I was not surprised). The started a website KnoxFood.Org and ask the usual propagandist open ended questions, in this case implying the only way for some to get to the grocery store is by city bus, walk, or starve. The problem is there has been a bus service in place for years and years that is there specifically for driving the elderly, disabled, and anybody without vehicle access to the store (or pharmacy, or dialysis, etc.). Food Desert Fabrications gives the info on how to contact Knox CAC for a ride to the store, while KnoxFood.Org never mentions it. How is this a big business scheme? KnoxFood.Org and the USDA want you to think that 1. food deserts exist all over the place, and 2. that the ONLY way to relieve them is by building Supermarkets every mile or two. BTW, a grocery store sells less than $2 million per year, and a supermarket sells $2m or more per year.

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My Metro Planning Commission is nothing but a propaganda machine

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