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Journal zedmelon's Journal: where do you register your domains? 6

Recently disillusioned by but needing to register another couple domain names, I'm wondering where some of my ./ friends might recommend to send my hard-earned cash in exchange for another little chunk of cyber-heaven.

I seem to recall seeing somewhere that some registry services will register the domain for you but retain actual ownership of the name itself; avoiding this would be my only real prerequisite besides the obvious wanting a good rate. I don't need hosting. where do you register when you register your domains?

GoDaddy wins the pricewar (well, MyDomain had 'em by $.45 but lost the edge with a borked namesearch script). Thanks to all of you who replied.

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where do you register your domains?

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  • i just use network solutions. they seem to be pretty decent. have never had a problem with them. Responsive to emails and you *own* your domain.

    Nice tools as well to make managing the things pretty simple.
  • Been using Go Daddy [] for years, I have never had a single problem with them. I do my own hosting, the domains are registered to me only. The site design turns me off, it's too glitsy and over-the-top, but I ignore that. The mechanics of the site work well, and they frequently run sales.
  • Used 'em a while back for a single domain, was easy and cheep, have complete email forwarding (i.e. comes to an email address of my choosing, which makes an easy make-it-up-on-the-spot spam catcher), optional website hosting, or redirection, or "real" DNS address hosting. I like 'em, and they were recommended by others at the time.
  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    I'm a registration service provider -- using Tucows/OpenSRS
    • Aw, man... I wish I (had known/been more patient). Should I be able to find you through Tucows' reseller search? I haven't yet. BTW, how's the boy doing?
      • by turg ( 19864 ) *
        I actually don't have automatic online registrations. I mainly work in person with people who want me to do it all for them and don't want to have to mess with that.

        Nathan's doing great. Pictures are at [my last name].ca/nathan

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