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Journal ReciprocityProject's Journal: IRC+REAL_LIFE_CONVERSATION: Quantum Bogodynamics in Action

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ME_MYSELF: My connection froze up while I was sshed into a remote host and running dselect. When I reconnected and tried to run dselect again, it said "access method area is already locked." Is there a lockfile I need to kill?

HELPFUL_DEBIAN_GURUS: Is dselect still running?

ME_MYSELF: Ohhhhh. Yes it is.


HELPFUL_DEBIAN_GURUS: don't use kill -KILL, or it won't be able to clean up.

HELPFUL_DEBIAN_GURUS: You should have used screen(1)

ME_MYSELF: I was configuring exim4.

HELPFUL_DEBIAN_GURUS: You'll have to reconfigure exim4.

ME_MYSELF: ::chuckle:: yes, I will.

ME_MYSELF: Thanks for all the helpfulness.

. . . the phone rings . . . [context switch to REAL_LIFE_CONVERSATION]


PARTY_GIRL: Hey! Um, I screwed up the computer. I was typing something and it just turned off. I pushed the button but it doesn't turn back on.

. . . annoyed pause . . .

ME_MYSELF: Is it plugged in?

PARTY_GIRL: Yes. I checked and it's plugged into the power strip. I turned the power strip on and off and I unplugged the plugged in the power strip, but the computer still doesn't turn on.

editor's note: my wireless access point was also plugged into the power strip.

ME_MYSELF: Well is the light on the power strip on?

PARTY_GIRL: I don't know, I don't think it has a light.

ME_MYSELF: Well what about the printer, is that on?

PARTY_GIRL: Ummmm, let met see. Yes, the printer light is on.

ME_MYSELF: Ok, can you trace the power cord from the computer to the power strip?

PARTY_GIRL: Yes, it's plugged into the power strip.

. . . annoyed pause . . .

ME_MYSELF: Ok, I'll come over there.

. . . I go over there and check out the power cord, it's plugged into the power strip but . . .

ME_MYSELF: It's hanging loose from the back of the computer.

PARTY_GIRL: Oh I didn't know it had to be plugged into the computer.

editor's note: to her credit, previous models had the power cord permanently stuck into back of the computer. And she did just get her wisdom teeth out.

ME_MYSELF: Well since you just got your wisdom teeth out, I'll give you this one for free. But next time I charge you $200 an hour.

PARTY_GIRL: Really? Ok.

ME_MYSELF: If you want I'll go get a shower and then we can get a milkshake or something.


ME_MYSELF: Ok, just give me an hour.

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IRC+REAL_LIFE_CONVERSATION: Quantum Bogodynamics in Action

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