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Journal Mmm coffee's Journal: Just saw this at the store today... 5

I thought I'd share this, in case anyone might read my journal. I found it neat enough to share. =)

Anyways, I live in a small town in Kansas, USA called Haysville. It's about two miles south of Wichita, and has roughly ten thousand people. I would think it's about as stereotypically Kansas as you can get. Flat as hell, surrounded by wheat and corn fields, and filled with idiots. We have a major Independance Day celebration each year, with the entire town being decked out in red, white, and blue. In October we have the Octoberfest, where the town hires some fscking evangelical Christian artists to play on Saturday Night, paid for with the income from speeding tickets. We got eleven churches, two liquor stores, two diners, and a shitload of speeding cameras used by Nazi cops who do nothing but write tickets and harass the local teenagers.

Yes, Haysville is your small town out in the middle of nowhere. Born and raised here, by damn.

So I went to the store the other day to pick up some random junk food, when I walked by the magazine rack on my way to pick up toilet paper. And what did I spy standing proudly amongst Better Homes and Gardens and Sixteen? Why, Linux World, of course. In BIG BOLD WHITE LETTERS AGAINST A BLACK BACKGROUND that screamed LINUX to all the soccer moms buying diapers for their kids.

I remember the last time I visited the Linux user count website there were two people here in Haysville who used Linux. Me, and some other guy who I have never heard of before.

We're invading small town Kansas, baby! :-D

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Just saw this at the store today...

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  • Not that I have much to add, but just saw the relationship change and decided to stop on by and read.

    Neighbor. ;)

    • I was bored off my ass yesterday and started browsing users via my friends list. Ended up at your journal and since my friends list is an eclectic selection of "Linux zealots who aren't tux-bots", big names in Linux, and really good trolls I have it set to notify me whenever one of them posts a blog entry. The Michael Moore discussion was the first time in a long time that I've read anything halfway interesting on Slashdot, so I hit add. *shrugs*.

      Yup, Linux World mag. I thought seriously about buying it bu
      • Now I'm regretting not buying it because I should have been showing support with my money.

        Yep. :) But you can always go back.

        But then you'll see 10 linux mags because they'll figure they've got a live one. :)

        Glad you liked the MM article. Seemed to either get stuck in people's craw or they're able to talk about it without getting bunged out. Kinda like everything else.

        • Parts of an IM between me and a friend right now FYI, he's a big war nut. --

          (15:26:19) Me: So anyways, I think you would enjoy Farenheit 9/11
          (15:27:41) Him: Nope. I'm not going to pay money to be bombarded with half baked Anti-war propaganda... Thanks.
          (15:28:27) Me: It's hardly anti-war, it's anti-bush. And it has some of the best war footage in the entire war. On a huge screen. With surround sound. The footage blew me away
          (15:30:25) Him: No point... Michael moore is just as bad if not worse then the pe

          • I don't mean to bag on your friend, but a quote like "I'm not weak minded enough to be swayed by some bastards propaganda." seems to me that he's weak minded enough to be threatened by someone else's opinion. I guess the litmus question for me has come to be "What if". What if what Moore says or believes were actually true. I'm not saying it is, I'm saying, what if. For me, Abu Ghraib was the kicker as far as this administration goes for me. I was somewhat on the fence before, but I really don't like how th

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