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Journal Liora's Journal: Well, they've finally done it... 3

My fearless leader and his even more fearless wife have gone off to another state to lead people there. Yes, I'm talking about a church plant. They're in Minneapolis, and three others of their team are there already. There will be a total of 12 young adults there as part of the team when the summer is over.

What are they going to do? Well... they're going to plant a church. Not to take people away from other churches, but to reach out to people who don't seem to fit in the other churches, who don't feel comfortable there, or who don't have quite the same beliefs, or who have been hurt and have need of healing, or some other reason I can't think of right now.

I miss them already, and they haven't even been gone a month yet. Yes, this is the same pastor that got on my nerves, who made statements I disagreed with vehemently, only to change his mind months later and never offer an apology. Yes, the same one. But that's just him. He's a hardheaded jerk, but I like him anyway. Probably because his wife is really awesome, and they're a package deal.

We had a leadership meeting last night, and while I do like the new leader and his wife, it's just not the same. The leadership style is different, they're more prone to the authoritarian rather than the authoritative, and I can't look up to him to be mentored the way I could with the old guy. Yeah, I just called him a jerk a paragraph ago, but he at least I knew was earnestly seeking after truth, and I knew he had been at it longer and thus knew a lot more about it than me in a lot of areas. This new guy well... doesn't know as much. I know he's trying to learn too, but rather than being a couple of years ahead of me, he's a couple of years behind me. Alas, I shall get used to them, and they are really neat, and I know that God is doing good stuff with them and that God wants them leading the ministry, but I still have my complaints. Such is life.

Anyway, if any of you are in the Minneapolis area and are looking for a weekly group to meet in and talk about your faith, reply to this thread and I'll tell you more about it. No, they don't have a church service yet. They're just starting - in fact, they may not have a weekly group yet, but I'm sure one will form in the next few weeks. If you do go, however, keep in mind that I'm going to be really jealous because you get to see them regularly and I don't. Doggonit... now I'm tearing up a bit.

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Well, they've finally done it...

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  • You needed those apron strings cut ages ago. Talk about arrested development! Now you've got the chance to unfurl those wings and take off boldly and without a net; the way it was intended.
      • You think?
        Of course.

        Since there's no way of correcting the situation, short of moving to minnesota (which is a BAD IDEA; its friggin cold there! Though the lakes can be nice in the summa time...), that can be the only answer. You are ready to rock this. Or, rather, you need to get ready to rock this on your own. And you will succeed.

        Who's world is this?

        (ans: Its yours!)

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