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Journal whiteranger99x's Journal: Gmail 2

I'm sure this may come across as nitpicking, but...what's so great about gmail?? I'm sure the hype has died down since it's introduction, but the means people use to obtain one seems a little fanatical. Granted yes, you get 1GB of storage, search functions with emails and other goodies.

But is it really the greatest thing since sliced bread? Discuss.

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  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    The point is not that the comments are threaded (for example) -- it's that the manner in which it is done is more useful and easy to use than in any other webmail.

    Ditto for just about every other feature.

    It's hard to explain, though. I'm sending you an invite.
  • isn't. It's google version of email, period.

    Ya, i know, lots of storage. Who needs to keep that much?

    Lots of searchability. If you didn't keep so much junk, you'd know where your important stuff is.

    You can keep google. I'm gonna go simplify my life.

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