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Journal Tomble's Journal: I still don't want GMail, and You Lot Suck. 18

[or, "Tomble goes Apeshit"]

You can all take your GMail, and stick it. And the donkey you rode in on (but not the donkey's donkey, of course, because as we all know, donkeys aren't commutative).

Pretty much all of you are jumping on GMail, and it sucks. It's pretty much everywhere I turn. Even people who don't see the point of GMail want it, even people who don't intend to use it want it, and I think it was the last straw for me when I spotted Sol of all people, who has quite vocally pointed out how she doesn't like Google, has got a GMail account too!

Am I really the only one who couldn't give a flying fuck about stinking GMail? Yeah, gape in amazement at threaded comments. It's like you can see the course of a conversation, wooo! I don't think even my shittest mail client can't cope with that!! Spam blocking? I get a handful of spam in a bad week. I mostly have to worry that people's legitimate emails can get eaten by the uptight filters. Don't have to delete mails? I've not had that problem for a LONG time, using POP3.

When I recently asked WTF it was that made everybody so excited about a souped up webmail system, I at least got some answers that hadn't occured to me. Apparently it's useful to be able to access it from anywhere. But it seems to me that using such a thing as a PDA with some sort of wireless shit (802xqpfns.3232 or whatever the fuck the latest wireless shit is), you could access decent POP3 email from almost literally anywhere anyways. I don't have a PDA because I can't afford one and don't really have much need for one, but I'm sure most of you lot could on both counts.

Is it really so terrible to not be able to access your email for a little while? If you want to get it from your office (where applicable), can you not set up an extra account in your mail client there? Meh, I know nothing about offices, don't ask me.

Apparently the other advantage of webmail is that it's so easy to set up, which is great for people who don't know how to use computers. Um, hold on, what site am I on again?...

No, this isn't sour grapes for not having an invite- if I wanted one, I'd ask for one- there's no shame in doing such a thing when everyone else does. But I like the way many of you wave the word "groupthink" at the people on the front page...

Hey, at least not everybody wants it. Now, if you'll all excuse me, I'm off to my concrete bunker of POP3ness, to don my tinfoil hat and write some Perl scripts to mix pineapple flavoured booze with pizza, and fling the whole mixture out the window at God's SUV. Despite being perl scripts, these scripts will be released under GPL as I am a stinking commie hippie godless heathen zealot. Oh, and I think I need to lie down and maybe get some sleep, goodnight...

(yeah, you can have the crack pipe back, I'm done with it for now)

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I still don't want GMail, and You Lot Suck.

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  • I feel your pain, brother.

    I have a feeling that GMail will quickly surpass Hotmail in the number of opened-then-abandoned mailboxes... :D

    • My head since magically reassembled itself! A few creases to be iornde owt but othrewaze gud...

      I didn't quite think of hotmail accounts getting registered and then abandoned. My old one eventually expired when I was a couple days too late to check it. But it was hotmail that put me off webmail for life, and that was the reason I abandoned them- the whole setup sucked so incredibly badly.

      I've had maybe 4 email accounts, and I don't like changing them, but one was tied to my university, and one was tied to

  • I didn't actually want it. Just some guy held a contest where he gave out Gmail invitations for people who told the funniest stories, and i entered just for fun. And then, a week later, when i found an invitation in my inbox, i thought turning down a gift wouldn't be nice.

    Oh, and you know what's the best thing about Gmail? It actually allowed me to delete my account. Yay.

  • i can use it to archive spam.

    I think it's an appropriate use of google's resources.

    You should email me at my real address.

    this fad will die as other email carriers start offering similar options.

    • OK, it's got to be said, you clearly pulled the wool over my eyes very effectively with that move. That idea never occurred to me.

      You madam, are way too cool. Thank you for restoring my faith in tiny subversive dragons....

      Having said all that, do you suppose the account'll be able to accumulate much spam? The filters might be very tight (like the ones on my account). I suppose you might forward the spam from your normal account to it... but that'd likely be filtered as well, and you might end up getting y

      • yes, i check it, and i'm using it to sign up for lists and things, so it will be of some use to me, and it's my new slashdot contact address. But i'm keeping and using my old emails, which will receive a lot less spam once i stop signing up for things using them...
  • plus i have webmail access to it when I am on the road.

    email sucks anyway.
    • Hmm? I missed something there. You mean GMail comes with IMAP access, or do you have an IMAP account (perhaps served from your own machine?) that has a webmail interface too? Sounds interesting!

      BTW, you're right, email does suck. It wants a thorough redesign IMO.

      (and lets not forget, only Turing Machines have literally unlimited storage...)

      Slow down, cowboy! Hey, I'm not Cowboytomble... Hmph. I now have to go adjust my comment to avoid my browser returning the stupid error page again (due to submitting

      • I have all my different accounts go to my own mailserver which allows me to access through IMAP, when I am on an insecure connection I can access it through webmail interface and not worry about plaintext passwords being sent over the network or people sniffing my mails.

        It gets mail from my Uni account, about 5 pop3 aquired over the years and *@mydomain so i can access it all from the same place. Loverly. I dont ever get spam because I use different aliases for everything, eg slashdot@mydomin... if I do ge
        • Sounds pretty neat!

          can access it through webmail interface and not worry about plaintext passwords being sent over the network

          You mean because of https?

          It gets mail from my Uni account,

          Dare I ask... Are you at Birmingham University? You mentioned Birmingham in a recent JE, but maybe you were just visiting or whatever...

          if I do get spam I redirect that alias to a special account with storage size 0 so it bounces.

          Uh, does it somehow manage to actually bounce it back to the person that sent it, o

          • Yep because of HTTPS. I don't trust plantext because if I sniff the hell out of any network I get my mits on I'm sure someone else would.
            It just bounces to the from header, this might be annoying for spoofed addys in spams but who cares :) works nicely for me.

            You are almost correct, I am at University in Birmingham... Aston University! I'm not around for long though, only 2 days until I move my stuff out.

            why do you ask, where are you from - Bham Uni?
            • It just bounces to the from header, this might be annoying for spoofed addys in spams

              Uh, all spam addresses are spoofed...

              but who cares :) works nicely for me.

              Well I care for one! It doesn't happen that often, but I do get bloody spam bounces, and they're a big PITA. In fact, I got one just today. They're annoying and often confusing, and in many ways as bad as spams themselves. Some people get their addresses used in this way much more than the rest of us, I'd hate to be them.

              Why not just have the

  • The only reason I have one is that sooner or later I will get invites. That's going to be useful whenever a someone asks me a free email. Yeah, now that yahoo is 100Megs, it really doesn't matter.

    I have my own server, POP3, and a webmail running on it. I have all I need, and I can guarantee you that my mailbox is not limited to 1G ;-)

    • Hmm, there's something to be said for that. I'll admit, when I saw your JE on getting the invite, I didn't spot that you weren't listing it as your regular email address.

      I suppose at least for giving accounts to other people, you probably won't have to worry about setting them up much for them. That'll probably come in handy, if you get a lot of such requests. How many invites will you get to give out? I'd imagine they wouldn't give you too many, as they'd want it to stay fairly exclusive, and thereby incr

      • Most non-nerds/geeks do not know about gmail yet. I don't know if they will care much now that yahoo has upped their limit.

        However, I know some coworkers that seemed to be interested. It's mostly for them that I wanted one. Because I'm the nerdiest guy around, you can bet they'll ask me. Up until now I can think of 3 people that would like an invite, so if I get 3 invites, I'll be all set.

        I really prefer my setup of own sendmail, pop3 (only internal to my network) and my webmail []. It covers *all*

  • by turg ( 19864 ) *
    The point is not that the comments are threaded (for example) -- it's that the manner in which it is done is more useful and easy to use than in any other webmail.

    Ditto for just about every other feature.

    Is it worth all the hype? Probably not. Is it the best webmail service there is? I'm pretty sure it is. Is this relevant to people who aren't interested in webmail at all? Nope.
  • I really wish I had some gmail invites now so I could invite you ;).

    I share your view though; my "All Mail" contains:

    me OMG LOLZ GMAIL SUX - OMG LOLZ WEWT. That is all 12:19pm
    Gmail Team Gmail is different. Here's what you need to know. - First off, welcome. And thanks for agreeing to help us test Gmail. By now you probably know the ... Jun 19

    [strange formatting there]

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