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Journal ReciprocityProject's Journal: Harry Potter, the Prisoner of Mediocre Filmmaking 1

One of my slashdot "friends" doesn't like Harry Potter.

Well based on the most recent movie, Ms. Rock, I can't blame you. Packing more pages of book into the same number of screen minutes, and relying more on slapstick gags and odd-looking actors than J. K. Rowling's talent for storytelling, this latest installment stretched my suspension of disbelief and confused my accompanying physicist friend (who had not read the novel).

Quidditch fans will be lucky to see catch five minutes of action. And why the costumers mistook Hermione's pink hooded sweatshirt for a Gryffindor house robe still has me boggled. I don't see any muggles . . . why are you dressing up for them? And the complaints go on.

Still, once the film got down to serious, Dementor-defeating badness, it was worth the ticket. Expecto PATRONUM!

(Also, I found it very easy to move my foot in circles while I draw a six in the air. Why is that hard? How precise do I have to be . . . I mean my balance wasn't wonderful, but I could do it with only moderate concentration. I even sat down and did it with all four limbs. Whatever.)

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Harry Potter, the Prisoner of Mediocre Filmmaking

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  • hah! Well, I think that most of my friends who saw the movie were happy enough with it, although it wasn't their favorite Potter film. I think I'm just a party-pooper and think of ways that the film is "unrealistic". (Duh - that's the point. However, my brother finds it very funny that I use the "unrealistic" excuse when I watch "unrealistic" teen movies. But I only like the ones that don't take themselves seriously.)

    In addition, Judy has retracted her previous Potter-liking comment, and now finds it

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