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Journal whiteranger99x's Journal: OMFG! W3 B33N D15C0V3D!!! 1

Ok, how come when another p2p client come out, people get all freaked out when word of its existence spreads like wildfire? I mean, assuming the client is worth its weight in gold in terms of content and performance, do they really think that somehow certain groups *cough* RIAA *cough* MPAA *cough* are going to overlook them? Granted I believe their rationale is that they wont bother going after p2p networks that are sparsely populated (yet) until they fry the "bigger fish."

Of course it doesn't stop there, since p2p can be used to transfer yet another asinine copy of "Britney Spear - Toxic.mp3", it MUST be assumed that the Osama bin Ladens can use it to transfer plans to perform another 9/11 somewhere else. Or that it protects pedophiles from being caught downloading kiddie porn. I'm just sick of this whole slippery slope that some people perpetuate about p2p networks.

Bottom line: Even though things are intended to be used in a certain fashion, it doesnt mean that they won't be used for less desirable applications.

Or maybe I need to lay off the coffee for a while :P

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OMFG! W3 B33N D15C0V3D!!!

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  • They are still going after Kazaa users.

    Kazaa is so corrupt it has become nearly impossible to download anything from there (music wise), which is the RIAA's intent of course, but hey

    *watches Windows TCO ad by Microsoft*


    Yah, umm, just so long as the RIAA stays 2 or 3 steps behind everybody else. . . .

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