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Journal Triv's Journal: cinco de mayo 1

Happy Cinco de Mayo to me.

Also. Happy Birthday to Me. :)

I'd love to post somethin' about how different it feels to be 23, but it all sounds trite, so fuck it.

If there're any NYC slashdotters out there readin' this, we be gettin' drinks 'round 10 tonight at Bar 81 (aka "the Verk" - 7th street between 1st and 2nd aves, right next to Blue and Gold.) Just ask the bartender to point me out - I'll hopefully be the one at the center of the colossal drunken roaring. :)

More info can be found Here.


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cinco de mayo

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  • hope you have a good un.

    I'm drinking some drinks this evening. I'll do a silent here's to triv toast.

    Mainly cause if I did it out loud, people would slide their chairs back and not talk to me the rest of the evening.

    Did you see that weird bastard over there toasting someone he's never met?

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