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Journal dolo666's Journal: Stuck at Positive? 12

Greets all... I just wanted to mention that I appear to be stuck at Positive karma, even after posting some good comments. My guess is that if you post more than a certain number of comments within a certain period of time, the karma system ignores you? Not sure really, but I'm guessing that some of my posts have attracted negative attention.

The bulk of my posts have gone from being 5 to -1 and then up to 5 again, and while this would (in a totally fair and impartial system) result in some balancing out, my recent experience is that negative moderation has a greater effect than positive moderation; that is to say that if you are modded up, it's worth less than if you're modded down.

Does anyone know why?

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Stuck at Positive?

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  • A while back /. stopped giving you karma for Funny mods. Could this be the cause?

    • That did the trick. I posted some insightful/informative stuff and am now surfing at Good. I just hate the idea of losing karma... but you must be right about the funny mods not affecting karma. I had no idea. I'll put on a serious face until my karma goes back up to Excellent.
  • funny i was beginning to think that my karma was stuck at excellent in spite of many recent -1 flamebait and -1 troll moderations. however, i have to concur with the gentlemen who posted before me - who cares about karma? i decided a bit ago that i'm going to post my mind which usually results in troll or flamebait moderation due to political differences I have with the sheep that frequent this site - that's just the way it goes
    • I care about karma because I don't want to start posting at zero or minus-one. That's the only reason, really. If your karma gets low, you can't stop that from happening.

      I always post my mind, but I do so as diplomatically as I can (not always). Maybe you're right about posting your mind, but I dislike seeing negative karma attached to my messages.

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