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Journal TrollBack's Journal: Trollback for March 2004 8

It is April Fools, assmasters

That's right, assmasters, it is that one special time of year when the slashdot front-page consists entirely of one tired lame gag after another. Luckily, the Trollback team have put together another issue of your favourite publication.

April fools is a bizarre day on slashdot. It is just about the only time you'll find an editor post a story suggesting that ESR is full of hot air. Sadly, they stop short of suggesting that ESR is an arrogant gas baron. Surely that is the most on-topic discussion to be had on April 1.

The List is chock full of funny gags this issue; perhaps Trollback is front-page material?

Harvard is the new Mensa

The mensa line has been used to great effect by trolling legends Krapangor and Mensa Babe. Slashbots just hate elitism, even if it is central to their open source zealotry. Trollback is proud to provide you with the complete posting history of the Harvard character that some of you may have seen posting during March.

The character actually started out rather slowly back in February, but had a great outing at the beginning of March, which is featured in The List. The next outing was a re-post of the February post, but this time it had success. It was at this time when the character was corrected: Harvard refers to its Teaching Assistants as Teaching Fellows.

The early success brought laziness as the Harvard poster took a turn for the weeds [1, 2, 3] - although there were always good bites to be had. The poster was quickly back on the spoke though, with a comment making unfounded accusations against unfounded accusations that had a good bite from the article's submitter and even a joke about Harvard wankers. This was followed up with another entry in The List, discussing why Qt is not his favorite toolkit.

With all the negative feedback our intrepid poster from Harvard had received, he felt a bit depressed, and wanted to know why was he not liked. He wanted to recommend that other people did not make the same mistake one of his students did when the student tried to write a BIOS based on Debian Linux. He also did his best Dan Quayle impression.

He finished his expedition posting as someone who was in Harvard Law.

Remember: if you're having success posting anonymously, please report your successes to 31337, or alternatively email the Trollback team.

Make Windows your Foe

If anything is true about the Slashbot, it is the hatred they have for Windows and Microsoft, despite doing all they can to create a clone operating system. This month saw an attack led by the crapflooder, posting early into many stories to get the user windows in lots of foe lists. The writeup in windows' journal tells the sad story of what has happened so far.


Over at K5, the user IndianaTroll has been keeping a record of interesting events on K5 that are troll-related in his diary. We applaud the effort made my IndianaTroll to keep a record of these events; the team has registered TrollBack on K5, but we feel the quality of K5 trolls is lacking except for the right wing maniacs Ray Megard, Adam Rightmann, and sellison. We'd like to pay special mention to Ray; every one of his posts is a work of art. Slashdot could really do with a good right-wing manic post now and again. If you've spotted one lately, please reply to this diary and share the joy.

The List

(-1,22,40) Anonymous Coward | Unit tests are a bad idea
(3,17,112) krog | Why shell?
(3,51,165) Sheetrock | Not the only person against Grand Theft Auto
(-1,7,51) Anonymous Coward | Re:EV1
(1,18,38) Overly Critical Guy | Question
(1,11,18) valence | BIOS = Built-in Operating System
(-1,10,20) ObviousGuy | No clamor
(-1,10,31) ObviousGuy | I am not for these laws at all
(1,8,28) ObviousGuy | Yep, they're out of ideas
(-1,9,17) ObviousGuy | Fraud? Really?
(3,11,92) ultrabot | MySql
(4,15,27) Anonymous Coward | Bad Patents?
(-1,4,7) mao che minh | Re:Canada: Socially Advanced
(-1,3,4) Sheetrock | Atmospheric phenomenon?
(0,12,16) Anonymous Coward | Qt is not my favorite toolkit
(2,29,113) ObviousGuy | Power Power Power
(-1,17,39) egg troll | IPv6: Not Ready For Prime Time
(0,12,38) ObviousGuy | Follow the money
(0,7,13) Anonymous Coward | We can catch the worm's author
(-1,2,12) Anonymous Coward | My success with OpenBSD

Honourable mentions

  • Ascii Enactment Players makes another post.
  • Overly Critical Guy implodes.
  • Sheetrock suggests that slashcode is a powerhouse. +5 Insightful. Not even a hint of a funny mod; perhaps CmdrTaco was on the right track with NOT moderation after all.
  • An AC, perhaps aided with a subscription, gets the most insightful post in a story with the first post.
  • Not content with his description of Dungeons and Dragons players last month, ObviousGuy comes up with a new slogan for AOL.
  • Slashbots provide insight into the female mind.

Amnesia Lane

Finally, we'd like to take you back down amnesia lane. Trollback will try and make amnesia lane a regular feature from now on. announced this month that they have released their archive of slashdot troll outings to the drooling masses. The headcheese archive is a database of the various adequacy accounts that were used and the post they made in the name of trolling. They have conveniently provided the world with a top-ten list of their most successful posts; the top-20 direct replies table is a trolling how-to.

That's it for this month!

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Trollback for March 2004

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  • Would you mind sneaking a legend in these?

    I tend to forget what (-1,2,5) represents (or at least the order) between months.

    I'm guessing it's "final score", then replies or moderations, then the other.

    Probably confuses new readers if nothing else.

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