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Journal benad's Journal: Surfing the Web on a 66MHz

Last week our PowerMac G4 400MHz almost totally broke down (i.e. the power supply's fan was starting to make terrible noises), so we had to send it to a Mac store to repair it. So now I'm stuck doing everything from a PowerMac 6100 66Mhz.

FYI, here are the specs:

  • CPU: PowerPC 601, 66MHz
  • HD: 350MB
  • RAM: 40MB
  • OS: Mac OS 8.6

So how am I going to go on the internet on all those flashy, "you need broadband because we like big JPEGs in messed up HTML" Web sites?

Luckilly for me I found the "wamcom" that offers a supported branch of Mozilla 1.3.1 that works on Mac OS 8.6. It needs 32MB of RAM, which is very tight considering that the OS takes 8-10MB. And don't talk about iCab or Opera: iCab crashes too much the whole OS, and I have Opera for ethical reasons (they treat Mac users like shit).

Also I use TVJab, a Jabber client that works "ok" and lets me use AIM, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ through a public Jabber server.

On another note, I received a brand-new copy of "Renaissance: Awakening" by Dave Seaman yesterday. Apart the fact that this 2 CD album is VERY difficult to find, this is an amazing album. The music is beyond words, the packaging too. For once 2h25m feels too short. As I read on, if you have to pay $90 US to get it, do it (btw I paid $50CAN).

- Benad

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Surfing the Web on a 66MHz

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