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Journal Tmack's Journal: Generic required subjectb blahblahblah

So Ive been reading and posting on /. for a while now but have never used any of this other stuff in my user profile section, until today. I got a little bored from werk (as usual) so I figured I would write something in my journal. Well here it is, my first journal entry on /. woo hoo. Pure excitement, kinda like waiting on my sprint phone to connect to the "wireless web" so I can view a "short mail". It has always bugged me how long it takes the damn thing to connect, and that I even have to connect in the first place to send/receive messages, and that because it connects, Im getting charged $0.14/KB to download SPAM (well, only 1 has been SPAM so far, but I wont be supprised when more show up). I smell a lawsuit waiting to happen if that continues. Anyway, back to work, got a button that needs to be clicked.
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Generic required subjectb blahblahblah

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