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Journal memfree's Journal: RIP Spalding Gray 2

From Bloomberg obit:

  1. The body of Spalding Gray, the author, theatrical monologist and actor who received critical acclaim for work that combined wit, dark humor and observations as seen through his own life, washed ashore yesterday on the Brooklyn waterfront, a spokeswoman for the New York City medical examiner's office said. Gray was 62.

    Gray was reported missing almost two months ago. "We've identified it as Spalding Gray by dental X-rays," said Ellen, Borakove, the spokeswoman. The cause of death of Gray wasn't immediately determined, she said.

Similar reports at CNN , Reuters, and NYT.

I'm glad that at least I got to see one of his live performances. While I can't deny that his material tended to be a bit self-absorbed, it worked because it gave a picture of himself.

His monologues revealed him to be passionate on his issues and compassionate toward people.

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RIP Spalding Gray

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  • ...seeing that made me sad. I'd hoped he'd turn up alive.
    • I hope that seeing the body will give the family some peace.

      One of the obit reported that a week ago his wife was saying, "Everyone that looks like him from behind, I go up and check to make sure it's not him ... If someone calls and hangs up, I always do star-69. You're always thinking, 'maybe.'"

      It had to be hellish for the kids, too.

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