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Journal Glonoinha's Journal: Debian!

All this time I have been jealous of the Debian users, only to find out I was one of them. Hows that for a discovery.

For the record, the Knoppix-STD distro live CD is based on Debian so I am unwittingly a Debian user also. Given that, here's a recap of my perception of the differences between Debian and RedHat.

Debian is hella fast, for the longest time I was chalking it up to the KDE XServer on the Knoppix I ran, and Gnome (or is it GNOME?), the default in RH8/9. I figured out how to run KDE on my RH9 box and it was pretty much the same. Shit for regular day to day user crap (ie, surfing the web, FTPing files around, reading /.) I am actually happier in the Knoppix KDE environment than anywhere else - just because it seems so much faster, I like the virtual desktops, tabbed browsing in Mozilla, no worry about spyware, and built in pop-up killer. Granted I'm running it from the hard drive (actually in a VMware virtual machine on a WinXP machine, how ya like them apples?) and not off the CD, but still - smoking fast and if I don't like where that session went I just kill the VM and the next time I fire it up it is just like I like it. The RH install is persistant and my files are there when I come back later (this is generally a plus) and it is giving me the opportunity to spend lots of time in the command shell, but I'm still not comfortable with it enough to stay there for any length of time.

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