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Journal feidaykin's Journal: Summer Scents

I've been watching this Korean show called Summer Scents... It's a pretty basic love story. A florist who is engaged to a rather boring businessman meets a more spontaneous man, and she starts to fall for him instead. The only creative thought in this cliché story is that the spontaneous guy's former girlfriend recently died, and it just so happens that the florist received his old girlfriend's heart in a transplant operation! So of course every time she sees this new guy, a cheesy heart beating sound starts playing. Actually, I'm really only watching this show to... appease... the company I'm watching it with. ;)

Since it's Korean I'd figure I would try to spot something related to StarCraft. I've watched two episodes so far with no luck. I thought StarCraft was everywhere in Korea... but apparently it isn't found in the Korean version of a soap opera. I've got plenty of episodes to go, though, so not all hope is lost.

The funny thing is I'm pretty sure I know how this silly story will end. It just seems rather obvious that she's going to end up with this new guy instead of the boring businessman. Yet I get to watch twenty-some-odd episodes of the couple pretending they're not falling for each other, then probably some episodes of the businessman trying to win her back, and then the cliché ending where everything is happy.

I could be off, though... perhaps the ending will be sad, like a giant asteroid hits Earth and kills them all. I do not know much about Korean soap-operas, and perhaps that is a common ending?

I'll leave comments open, but if anyone spoils the ending for me I will... likely have absolutely no emotional reaction what-so-ever.

Heh. The things people do to... appease... members of the opposite gender...

In other news, today I created a sourceforge account. I've had a few ideas kicking around in the back of my head... and as soon as I have some files to throw there, I'll start a new project. One thing I hate, though, is fileless projects, so I'm never going to create that which I despise. All my new projects will at least have something to download, no matter how buggy and worthless.

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Summer Scents

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