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Journal nelsonal's Journal: First Post

First off, if you've never seen Weebl & Bob you might want to check them out. They are a bit offbeat, but anyone who likes Mr. Scruff can't be all bad.
After that is out of the way, if you are reading this it is likely that you have read my posts and know that I'm an investment analyst. I keep returning to the conclusion that /., has a healthy group of other business minded folks. I've tried to nab as friends those who show an investor mindset, along a bunch of with other interesting viewpoints. Anyway, it seems like there have been more than a few market related articles over the past few weeks, and I was wondering if others would be intersted in joining in ad hoc market focused discusion with me. So if you are game keep reading my journal, I'll post on the market news with primarily tech companies and we can engage in discussion. I have had a chance to read everything from the sell side and found that the smart folks here are much faster and better than anyone on the street.
For anyone intimdated my econ or financial topics, feel free to ask questions. I will try to help in any way I can. I probably can't give any speciific advice about S&P companies but anything else is largely fair game.
On to the serious stuff this is meant to be an educational forum, not an advice forum. I will do my best to keep the discusion off invstment ideas, toward more general ideas, but if you invest in something mentioned here without any further due dillegence, YOU ARE A FOOL, and you are not going to sue me or other posters.
Now that such formalities are out of the way, break out the champange and caviar, hopefully this wil become the new capitalist's forum.
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