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Journal Felinoid's Journal: Microsofts lost touch with reality

Pk you'd expect such a comment from a Slashdot user. I mean it's a no-brainner that a Linux Zelot like me would think this.
So how could this jernal entry be anything but redundent?

Simple: I have proof.
Remember that ohh so wonderful Microsoft "Get the facts about Linux" the second time Microsoft pulled this.

Well... I just saw the banner ads. ON SLASHDOT. After Slashdot ripped it to hell.
How stupid can you get?

I guess Microsoft has the money to blow.
So thanks for funding Slashdot...

We can debate to hell and back about the details of the two websites. The only point I'm making is Microsoft actually believes advertsing on Slashdot is going to earn them converts.

Eather you believe that Slashdot readers are hard headed SlashBot idiots who wouldn't know inovation if it slapped them accrost the skull
or you believe Microsoft is full of themselfs.

Most people seam to think both.. But thats annother deal.

But to think Microsoft could win over Slashdot users with it's "Facts" website is an act of total idiotcy.

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Microsofts lost touch with reality

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